Forgotten Man

by B C O O K

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This song is about life and making the most out of it before it's too late. Whatever your dream is and whatever you want to be, make it happen. The time is now.


Forgotten Man

Live it while you got it man
Profit while you got it man
Gotta stay up on top of them
Never wanna be Forgotten Man

Robbed by Uncle Sam
Man I’m stuck in this bottom jam
Who the fuck you think I am?!
I never wanna be Forgotten Man

Soul searchin n liftin your burdens
To be specific it’s hurtin
So horrific it’s burnin
Concernin the truth, the facts
What you learned in the past
What you, heard and you laughed
Answers to question’s ya need to ask
Rev up, runnin low on gas
How did things happen so fast?
Couldn’t we avoid the crash?
Now we’re here n it’s time to smash
Be at the top of the class
Non-stop hip hop on dat azz
Skills pull em out the pocket and flash
Titans fighting the clash
Thunder and lightning blast
Out of the dark clouds they lash
A display of forte` now that’s cash

Well it is what it is
The future of the planets the kids
Gotta show em how to live
Try not to fib
Don’t leave em in a bib cuz they did what they did
Hold the key to the future and what it is
This is our time to live
Refining all of this
Blinded by the bliss
Find a diamond and a kiss
Your hiness and it’s his
But you’re shinin on your wrist
Timin to be pissed
Combine and raise your fist
Be fluent and take the risk
Do it check it off the list
So fresh n crisp
In the flesh this fish
Well no one out there’s been blessed like this, ugh

Bizurk over work you’re a jerk man your people hurt
Hate don’t exert be great and wear the shirt
Anticipate, would you wait for her?
In life’s what’s forsure?
When will that occur
Blatant and draped in fur
On thin ice I’m skatin there
What you waiting for
Evading the war invading your home
Complicating your own
Intimidating they’re gone
N now you’re all grown
It’s time to take the throne
The crown, the time is right now
It will never come around again
Think about it man
Be a roll model for your family n your friends
Tragedy is never planned, c’mon be a better man
Yes you can
Life can’t last forever, damn

Never gonna be forgotten man
Never wanna be forgotten man
You will never be forgotten man
You will always be remembered man.


released January 24, 2012
Produced and written by Bradley James Gordon Cook

Co-Produced/Editing/Vocals/Bass: Bryce Maruk

Mastering by:



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B C O O K Calgary, Alberta

Cooked Records

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